Insuarnce rates double for smokers


Hidden Costs of Smoking
The overlooked financial costs of smoking

Question: Why would one 30 year old pay 16% to 41% more for health insurance than the next 30 year old?
Answer: Smoking.

Premiums are higher for smokers than for nonsmokers. But did you know that after 12 months of being a nonsmoker, your rates could drop significantly?

Health insurance is just one thing that smokers pay more for. There are many other financial costs that are hidden behind the smoke.

Smoking’s hidden costs

A pack a day at $9 adds up to more than $3,285 a year. While this is a large number that should get your attention, in reality it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

When you look beyond the cost of the cigarettes, you begin to see the real financial cost of smoking. There are hidden costs connected to smoking that can add up, resulting in the loss of thousands of dollars a year at a minimum, and often much more. According to MSN Money, these are costs that are rarely examined when people talk about how much their smoking habit costs.

Smokers visit the doctor more often that non-smokers.  Deductibles add up quickly…….

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