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God Hugs

God Hugs copied with permission from Carl Hildebrand You might not have heard about God hugs , but they have been around for thousands of years . It’s simply allowing your hands and arms to turn into angel wings , … Continue reading

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Save the date!

Come join a group of like minded people to share ideas about eating Process Free!  We meet the second Wednesday of the month……  at 6:30 pm  Oct. 8 is our next meeting……  You can check us out at The … Continue reading

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Is the Food you Eat making you Fatter?

Because of what I do for a living I read every new diet book out there….. Most of them say the same thing but I recently “discovered” a new book called The Science of Skinny…. by Dee McCaffrey In it … Continue reading

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Reduce Stress, feel better

Working with my clients I’ve recently noticed that people seem more stressed than ever!!!  Here are some tips: 1. Just Breathe!!!   Take a few minutes every couple of hours and just do some deep breathing.  We are made to breathe … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to the mystical world of hypnosis….   all hypnosis is self hypnosis….. check back here for tips on how to use this wonderful and amazing tool!!!!

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Dr. Oz Recommends Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Recently, Dr. Oz featured Paul McKenna on his show and recommended Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Stress Reduction.  Read more about it here…

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Stress In Workplace Costs Employers Millions!

  Did you know that most illness is due to stress?  Many people “Call out” from work due to illness from stress.  Employers can help to minimize the problem by helping employees with their stress..

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Insuarnce rates double for smokers

  Hidden Costs of Smoking The overlooked financial costs of smoking Question: Why would one 30 year old pay 16% to 41% more for health insurance than the next 30 year old? Answer: Smoking. Premiums are higher for smokers than … Continue reading

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