God Hugs

God Hugs copied with permission from Carl Hildebrand

You might not have heard about God hugs , but they have been around for thousands of years . It’s simply allowing your hands and arms to turn into angel wings , open to receiving God’s unconditional love and then hugging someone with the intent of sending God’s love to that person for whatever they need. This sounds like it’s so easy and sending unconditional love from God has to feel really good. So ,what do I need to do? First you need to accept that there is a God , which for most people reading this is not a problem. Next you need to believe that this God you believe in is a loving God . This may be a little more of a challenge for some who try to hide from God. I was one of those people that would spend my day hiding from God, how silly . Now I just spend part of my day hiding.
Now we are ready for the third part; you need to be open to receiving God’s love. This is where the surrender to God comes in ( this is the good surrender, not the losing the battle surrender). I open my body to God to receive the warm soothing grace that fills my body until it overflows and at this point I’m ready to hug with the intent of sending that loving grace. My arms reach around with one hand between the shoulder blades. This is the back of the heart opening and is a perfect place to send love in .You may also take a breath and as you exhale focus on sending the love. Be at peace and relaxed when you send unconditional love .
This may be a little hard to accept , but we send different intents or feelings anytime we hug. There’s the non-feeling half hug with a little pat on the back which is little more than a hand shake. You send care and support when you hug someone who has just lost a loved one. We all have seen athletes jumping around hugging each other after a big win and think nothing of this. They are so full of joy that they have to hug someone to release that joy. The big difference in a God hug is that you are not sending your feelings; it’s God’s love you are sending. This love has the power to heal both physical and emotional illness.
There is a gifted healer in India by the name of Amma who hugs thousands of people in one day . They come to her from around the world to receive the same healing unconditional love that anyone can be open to receive. We find it hard to accept that we are worthy of such a gift, so we never ask to receive. Accept that God loves you and is ready to send unconditional love anytime you ask. How long does it take to receive this unconditional love and where does it come from? You can receive in the blink of an eye once you are open to it. In the beginning you will need to take your time and visualize .You always begin by asking God to send you unconditional love for the intent of giving this to someone else. For me I see a beautiful sunbeam of many colors from above shining on me . I feel the warm soothing love that hits me like a whoosh. My fingers begin to tingle and I feel full of grace….so full that I need to hug someone to release this love sent to me from God.
God’s unconditional love for you may come from above, below or inside. Where it comes from is not important. That you are open to receive and send is all you need. Ask a friend who is also open to receiving and sending God’s love to practice with you. While standing next to your friend, close your eyes and ask God to send you unconditional love that you may send this love to your friend for the intent of healing or giving peace. After a few minutes ( in the beginning this will take longer) turn to your friend and imagine your arms are now angel wings as you wrap them around placing one hand in the middle of the upper back . Open your heart and breath the overflowing love God is sending you to the heart of your friend. God hugs will generally last a little longer than your normal hug; you will know when to stop. Keep the focus on receiving and sending, remembering these are not your feelings . This is 100% pure unconditional love.
Don’t be surprised how much better you feel also! After all I did say you have to fill yourself up first in order to send the overflow.

Carl Hildebrand

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Save the date!

Come join a group of like minded people to share ideas about eating Process Free!  We meet the second Wednesday of the month……  at 6:30 pm  Oct. 8 is our next meeting……  You can check us out at http://www.meetup.com/Processed-Free-Living/

The group is based on the book The Science of Skinny by Dee McCaffreyProcess Free Logo




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Is the Food you Eat making you Fatter?

Because of what I do for a living I read every new diet book out there….. Most of them say the same thing but I recently “discovered” a new book called The Science of Skinny…. by Dee McCaffrey

In it Dee explains why we need to eat healthy, non-processed foods….  I admit that I’m a bit of a nerd so all the science she explains is awesome, but these are things we all should know….   With the obesity epidemic out of control, finally there is a book that may point to why….

I encourage everyone who wants to lose weight, get healthy and get informed to read this book, and go to her website: www.processedfreeamerica.org/

Great work Dee!!!!

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Reduce Stress, feel better

Working with my clients I’ve recently noticed that people seem more stressed than ever!!!  Here are some tips:

1. Just Breathe!!!   Take a few minutes every couple of hours and just do some deep breathing.  We are made to breathe from our bellies but most people chest breathe….. Deep breathing every few hours gets you in the habit of breathing deeper naturally!

2. Go for a walk,  outside if you can!!!  Even if it’s just 15 minutes!!!!  You will feel better both physically and mentally!!!

3.  Talk to a friend!!  Make sure you both decide to make it a “no negative” time.  Focus on the good things that are happening in your life!


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Hello world!

Welcome to the mystical world of hypnosis….   all hypnosis is self hypnosis….. check back here for tips on how to use this wonderful and amazing tool!!!!

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Dr. Oz Recommends Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Recently, Dr. Oz featured Paul McKenna on his show and recommended Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Stress Reduction.  Read more about it here…

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Stress In Workplace Costs Employers Millions!


Did you know that most illness is due to stress?  Many people “Call out” from work due to illness from stress.  Employers can help to minimize the problem by helping employees with their stress..

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Insuarnce rates double for smokers


Hidden Costs of Smoking
The overlooked financial costs of smoking

Question: Why would one 30 year old pay 16% to 41% more for health insurance than the next 30 year old?
Answer: Smoking.

Premiums are higher for smokers than for nonsmokers. But did you know that after 12 months of being a nonsmoker, your rates could drop significantly?

Health insurance is just one thing that smokers pay more for. There are many other financial costs that are hidden behind the smoke.

Smoking’s hidden costs

A pack a day at $9 adds up to more than $3,285 a year. While this is a large number that should get your attention, in reality it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

When you look beyond the cost of the cigarettes, you begin to see the real financial cost of smoking. There are hidden costs connected to smoking that can add up, resulting in the loss of thousands of dollars a year at a minimum, and often much more. According to MSN Money, these are costs that are rarely examined when people talk about how much their smoking habit costs.

Smokers visit the doctor more often that non-smokers.  Deductibles add up quickly…….

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